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  World Poly  

Worldpoly Butt Fusion Welding Machines

State of the art Butt Welding Machines. Machines available to weld HDPE pipe diameters ranging from 60mm to 1,600mm.
Training and certification available for teams using Worldpoly machines on major projects.

Product Range
Field Welding Machines
WHD160 (160 - 63mm)
WHD250 (250 - 90mm)
WHD315 (315 - 90mm)
WHD450 (450 - 200mm)
WHD630 (630 - 315mm)
WHD800 (800 - 450mm)
WHD1200 (1200 - 630mm)
WHDS160 (160 - 50mm)
WHD1600 (1600 - 1000mm)
WHD1000 (1000 - 630mm)

Hydraulically operated butt welding machine, suitable for PE and PP pipes and fittings. High quality design and construction provide an excellent machine for welding both on the worksite and in the factory. The use of high quality Aluminium castings allows for lower weight without compromising strength and performance. Can be integrated with optional data logger or CNC control system.

Workshop Machines
WHG315 (90-315mm)
WHG450 (160-450mm)
WHG630 (315-630mm)
WHG800 (500-800mm)
WHG1200 (630-1200mm)

Hydraulically operated workshop machine for the butt welding of pipes and fittings in PE, PP and other thermoplastic materials. Pivoting clamps allow for the fabrication of segmented bends of different radii. Included as standard with this machine are all clamps required for the production of bends and 90 degree equal tees within the range specified below.

Pipe Saws
WJC315 (90-315 mm)
WJC630 (90-630mm)
WJC800 (90-800mm)
WJC1200 (630-1200mm)
WJC1600 (630-1600mm)
WJH400 (WJH400 Radius Bandsaw)

Hydraulically operated pipe saw specifically produced for the preparation of pipe segments in PE, PP and other thermoplastic materials, used for the production of bends, tees and other fabrications. Cutting angle is up to 67 degrees. Lowering rate of saw is hydraulically controlled above WJC315, as are the strap clamps used to hold pipe segments in place. Saw blade made in the USA.

Saddle Fusion Machine
WHM1000 (315-1000mm)
WHM630 (WHM630)

Hydraulically operated saddle fusion machine for the production of 90 degree reducing tees from standard PE pipe sections. Machine is constructed to allow operation by one person, incorporating main pipe clamp, branch pipe clamps, hydraulically removed heating plate with curved elements and integrated hole saw for final removal of pipe coupon.

Data Loggers
Data Logger (Hürner Data Logger)
Huerner Data Logger (Huerner Data Logger INT)

HÜRNER SPG 2000 Basic Report Generation Units for fast, accurate monitoring and recording of weld values under DVS and other national standards (WIS, INSTA, etc.). The Report Generation Units SPG 2000 and SPG 2000 Basic can be universally used with any Worldpoly butt-welding machine and with all hydraulically operated machines. With the SPG 2000 Basic, it is possible to capture all the data needed to evaluate the quality of a welding operation and to transfer them to a printer, a PC with the Hürner DataWork software installed. PLEASE NOTE IT IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP THE PASSWORD CARD WHICH IS SUPPLIED IN THE DATA LOGGER BOX

Socket Fusion Tools
WSFD32 (WSFD 20-32mm)
WSFD63 (WSFD 20-63mm)
WSFD110 (WSFD110-75)